LEED Environmental Plan for Office Development

A large office development in an Industrial Area intended to obtain LEED certification.  One of the main requirements of the certification was the preparation of an Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan for all construction activities associated with the project.  Adi Associates prepared a detailed Plan in compliance with LEED requirements.

The aims of the Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan were to prevent the loss of soil from the construction site resulting from storm water runoff, wind erosion, and construction activities, prevent the sedimentation of storm sewers and receiving waters, and prevent air pollution caused by dust and particulate matter.

The Plan was used as an educational, advisory, and reference document for the earthwork contractors and construction managers of the LEED project.  It described areas of concern and the critical controls needed to limit sources of sediment, pollution, and debris that can clog or contaminate the water and air leaving the site.  Additionally, controls were described to limit on-site erosion and long-term contamination of the project site. 

Client: Private client

Start / Finish Dates: 2023

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