Appropriate Assessment

Our team of ecologists is highly experienced in conducting assessments required under the Habitats Directive, also known as Appropriate Assessments. Under this procedure, plans and projects are assessed for likely significant effects on Natura 2000 sites and their conservation objectives through a staged process.

The Natura 2000 Network is a network of important ecological sites across the European Union and includes Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) established under the Habitats Directive and Special Protection Areas (SPAs) established under the EU Birds Directive.
We have carried out Appropriate Assessments for both plans and projects to assess how they may affect such protected areas.

We have delivered Appropriate Assessments for numerous projects in terrestrial, freshwater, and marine environments, including aquaculture developments, diving wrecks, farms, tourist accommodation, residential developments, transport plans, piers, beach replenishment and dredging projects. Our Appropriate Assessment Services include initial Screening and Scoping Reports, impact assessment and mitigation planning, identification of alternatives, habitats and species monitoring, public consultation and stakeholder engagement and environmental reporting.

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