Land Use Planning & Development

Adi Associates has a team of expert urban planners committed to creating vibrant, liveable, and sustainable urban spaces supported by attractive and ecologically functioning rural environments. Our aim is to help projects get on a solid footing right from the start with an all-inclusive service that addresses site access, local regulations, recreational needs, aesthetics, and more. Our approach is a collaborative one where our multi-disciplinary team helps to create better places for people and nature at all site scales. 

A core service of the firm is support to development permit applications and representations. We do this by offering clients a wide range of services in relation to land use planning and development, including development applications, planning appeals, traffic planning, land reclamation, urban design, renewal and revitalisation, visual impact assessment, retail impact assessment, and ports, recreation, tourist, and community development. 

Our investment in data collection, Geographic Information Systems, and monitoring equipment informs our work. Our team understands and applies land use concepts and spatial analysis to our development projects. We use sophisticated GIS tools to assess different project attributes, facilitating understanding of complex urban and rural issues. 

Our service extends to private individuals and businesses, Government, Local Councils, Non-Governmental Organisations, and communities within Malta, as well as to consultancy services to foreign governments and international agencies. 

Land Use Planning & Development

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