Environmental Studies for the Northern Health Hub

The Foundation for Medical Services, on behalf of the Ministry for Health, tasked Adi Associates with preparing a Project Description Statement and undertaking an air quality study for the proposed construction of a Regional Health Hub in Bugibba, St Paul’s Bay.  These requests, emanating from the processing of the planning application, were made by the Environment & Resources Authority.

The Air Quality Study was undertaken for particulate matter (PM10) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2); these being the two main components that are assessed in determining the impact of increased traffic on air quality at sensitive receptors.  Baseline air quality monitoring was undertaken over a 6-week period, while concurrently measuring traffic flows using our in-house automatic traffic counters. Following data collection, current and forecast emissions were modelled using BREEZE Roads. The results showed that there was no significant impact on air quality at the sensitive receptors as a result of the additional traffic generated by the project.

The Project Description Statement was also submitted to the Environment & Resources Authority to assist the Authority to decide whether an EIA is required or not. In essence, the Project Description Statement described the project and its surroundings as well as an assessment of the potential impacts of the proposal.

Start: 2023

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