Transport Studies

Adi Associates’ in-house team of transport planners is equipped to carry out a range of transport studies including, Transport Impact Assessment (TIA), Transport Scoping Studies (TSS), and computation of Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) and peak hour traffic. We use state of the art data collection technology and digitization including use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that helps us understand often-complex traffic implications of developments. Our experts design holistic solutions that not only enhance accessibility and connectivity but also minimise congestion and environmental disruption. 

At Adi Associates, our TIA methodology allows us to delve deep into each project, observing, collecting data, meticulously analysing traffic patterns, road network efficiency, and assessing the anticipated impacts. By employing cutting-edge technologies and software, we simulate various scenarios to predict traffic flows, thus enabling us to propose optimal strategies for mitigating adverse effects. Not only that, but we also assist our clients to improve the design of their development to better accommodate its various intentional users and potential future needs. 


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