Stakeholder & Community Engagement

In a world where communities, civil society and government have growing interest in and influence over development activities, Adi Associates provides a range of services to help our clients engage effectively with stakeholders, to maximise the benefits and minimise the impacts of their projects. 

Effective engagement with communities, entities, and individuals that will be affected by projects, and / or instrumental in implementing projects ensures a sustainable and equitable environment. Engagement also ensures the success of a project’s delivery and minimisation of operational risks, including by avoiding schedule delays and higher costs, as well as reputational damage. 

Our stakeholder engagement methodology involves working with clients from the outset, to identify the relevant stakeholders, to analyse their interest and role in project delivery, and to identify the potential conflicts, including between stakeholders. We work with clients to develop effective and tailored stakeholder engagement programmes, and to facilitate engagement activities in a balanced and objective manner, ensuring the gathering of targeted and relevant feedback. Our service also includes the analysis and reporting of the stakeholder feedback. 

Stakeholder & Community Engagement

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