Rehabilitation of the Fisheries Port in Berbera, Somaliland

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was commissioned by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations through its FAO Somalia Office in Nairobi, Kenya (FAO SO). The Berbera Fisheries Port rehabilitation project forms part of a wider project co-financed by the FAO and the Kingdom of Norway that aims to plan and rehabilitate the fish landing sites at the four major ports of Somaliland as part of a wider fisheries programme aimed at creating appropriate market conditions for fisheries and improving the nation’s nutrition.

The fishing port of Berbera, Somaliland, is currently used solely by small artisanal fishing boats as the basin is silted up following years of sediment shifting due to the action of the monsoons. The project aims to dredge the basin to -5 m water depth to allow the larger fishing vessels to gain access to the shore facilities. A later stage of the project will also create a deepwater quay, slipway and lifting facilities, workshops and processing areas. The entire project is part of a wider vision to facilitate and enhance the community’s economic prosperity and allowing the fishing industry in the area to grow.

The studies included a topographic survey of the port area and its surroundings, noise surveys, a bathymetric survey of the fishing port’s basin, a geotechnical survey, chemical analysis of seabed sediments, a sub-bottom profile survey, and stakeholder consultations.

The EIA findings were important not only in mitigating environmental impacts, but also to source funding for the dredging works. The studies were co-financed by the FAO and the Norwegian Fund. In delivering the assessment, Adi Associates worked closely with the FAO Somalia office in Hargeisa, Somaliland and the municipality of Berbera City. It was assisted in the survey work by a team of Maltese and other international experts.

Client: Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations

Start / Finish Dates:  January – October 2015

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