Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)​

EIA is a process that evaluates potential environmental effects of a project, aiming to identify, assess, and mitigate adverse impacts during implementation. Adi Associates’ multi-disciplinary team carries out the full range of EIA studies and assessments ranging from ecological to cultural, social, and visual impacts. This provides decision-makers with valuable, actionable information that in turn allows authorities to consider consent more thoroughly and holistically. 

Our team is set up to perform the range of tasks in EIA that include screening, scoping, baseline surveys, impact assessment, identification of significant effects and suitable mitigation measures, and reporting residual significant effects. In addition, we provide EIA lead coordination, sustainability appraisal, as well as Environmental & Sustainability Impact Assessments. Our international experience gives us a thorough understanding of different EIA requirements, thereby fulfilling legal obligations in different jurisdictions. 

Our approach involves holistic analysis, considering ecological, socio-cultural, hydrogeological, and economic factors. Stakeholder engagement ensures valuable input from communities, non-governmental organisations, regulatory bodies, and interested parties. Effective mitigation strategies are designed to minimize negative and maximize positive outcomes. The team’s deep knowledge of environmental regulations ensures compliance at all stages. 

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