Noise & Vibration

In a society where noise from various sources is becoming a concern for citizens, mitigating the effects of noise and vibration on the environment and people has become increasingly important. Consideration of existing conditions must be given when introducing a new source of noise or vibration into an area or when locating a noise sensitive development within an already noisy location. Additionally, noise and vibration within the workplace can also affect the health of individuals if noise is not appropriately assessed and treated. 

Adi Associates provide a wide range of services relating to monitoring and assessment of environmental noise and vibration. Our experts, trained by the Institute of Acoustics, provide expert advice across project lifecycles, across a range of sectors including for urban development projects, traffic noise, busy ports, schools, and infrastructure projects. 

The development planning process normally requires a noise assessment to be undertaken as part of a planning applications for new developments which have the potential to generate noise and/or vibration that could affect existing residential or other noise sensitive receptors. Alternatively, monitoring of noise and vibration needs to be carried out during construction. We offer technical consulting in a range of areas from planning and environmental assessment, occupational noise & vibration exposure (i.e., noise at work, hand-arm vibration, and whole-body vibration), and noise & vibration awareness training. 


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