Programme Evaluations

European funding programmes such as the European Regional Development Fund and Interreg require that during the programming period, an evaluation is carried out to assess how support from the funds has contributed to the objectives of the fund. Adi Associates regularly carries out these evaluations at ex-ante, mid-term, and ex-post stages to improve the quality of the design and implementation of programmes, as well as to assess their effectiveness, efficiency, and impact. The impact of the programmes is evaluated in the light of the mission of each fund, in relation to the targets set and having regard to the size of the programme. We have experience in assessing rural, maritime, as well as Cohesion and Regional Development Funds. 

A good evaluation relies on good quality data. Our team of experts determines which data needs to be collected, and when – this may be monitoring data or new data that needs to be collected specifically for the evaluation through surveys and interviews with stakeholders. Quantitative and qualitative data is collected through a variety of means such as surveys, case studies, expert panels, focus groups, interviews and setting up of monitoring systems. 

Programme Evaluations

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