Climate Assessment

Climate change impact assessments identify and quantify the expected impacts of climate change. These assessments involve an analysis of past climate trends and future climate projections for a particular area or project, conducting a stakeholder-led climate risk assessment and including prioritization of risks and opportunities as well as drafting mitigation and adaptation plans. 

Adi Associates’ experts provide support to all levels of government, businesses, and other organizations to identify, assess, and prioritize climate risks, and develop actions to increase resilience to changing weather and climate risks. Our clients recognize that climate risks may pose physical risk to assets and portfolios. Our work on climate assessments includes sustainability and climate risk resilience reporting in annual environmental, social and governance (ESG) reports. Lending agencies also require climate proofing of infrastructure and climate mitigation, and adaptation is a key assessment in EIAs. 

While we focus on infrastructure resilience, our staff have also authored papers on the technology needs for adaptation to climate change as part of Malta’s UNFCCC Climate Change Initiative as well as on vulnerability and adaptability of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, infrastructure, health and well-being, agriculture and fisheries as part of Malta’s Second National Communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. 

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