The MedIsWet project, funded by MAVA and coordinated by WWF Greece with 13 partners, responds to Ramsar resolution XII.14, focusing on conserving Mediterranean Basin island wetlands. FEE-Nature Trust (Malta), a project partner, hired Adi Associates for its role in MedIsWet. The project aims to collect data on Maltese wetlands, mapping water bodies over 1,000 m2 and consolidating information into a database. The tool, created collaboratively, aims to raise awareness and advocate for better protection of Mediterranean island wetlands.

WWF Greece supported field work in Malta, where Adi mapped over 90 sites. A rapid assessment, using a shared checklist, included wetland descriptions, conditions, activities, impacts, habitat types, flora, fauna, and stakeholder engagement. Ecosystem services were assessed separately. Data from field work was complemented by a desk study.

The database covers various water bodies, prioritizing ecologically valuable wetlands. Some sites, like ponds, dammed watercourses, salt pans, and reservoirs, are included for potential habitat and species support, as well as restoration interventions. The project, in its 3rd year, is finalizing the database and will launch soon. Future work involves a restoration program, educational material development, and Phase 2 preparation, potentially implementing restoration activities. Stay tuned for updates!

Client: FEE-Nature Trust (Malta)

Start / Finish Dates:  January 2018

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