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At Adi Associates, we understand that safety, functionality, and compliance are paramount when it comes to environmental and infrastructure projects. Our comprehensive design review service is aimed at optimising project design, development, and implementation by ensuring adequate visibility and safe manoeuvrability for vehicles and pedestrians alike. 

A key service we provide urban planners, architects, and designers is early vetting of plans to assess that the different transportation related aspects of the project work in practice. We look at access, turning circles, and visibility and swept paths analysis. Our team adds value to projects by identifying areas to enhance efficiencies, reduce wasted space, and minimise the potential for issues to arise and future-proof designs. This allows us to increase the quality of designs and provide tangible benefits for communities and the environment. 

With significant experience in following a range of projects from inception to completion and operation we offer clients a vision to meet net-zero targets, implement the hierarchy of transport: walking, cycling, public transport, improve the urban realm while also considering road and pedestrian safety and offer road design solutions in complex urban settings. 

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