Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Our comprehensive Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) services are designed to guide plans, policies, and programmes towards an understanding of their potential impacts on the environment as required by national and international regulations. We have several years’ experience in working on SEAs for a range of clients including regulators and funding agencies. 

At Adi Associates we acknowledge that Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is a powerful tool that empowers decision-makers to integrate environmental considerations into their plans, programmes, and policies. Our SEA expertise provides the necessary assurance that the formulation of new plans, review of existing strategies, or design of policies for the future are based on environmentally sustainable objectives. 

Our SEA services include preparing SEA Environment Reports, stakeholder engagement, and continuous monitoring. In addition to preparing comprehensive environment reports that address SEA legal requirements, we facilitate meaningful engagement with stakeholders, fostering transparency and collaboration in the decision-making process. Our commitment doesn’t end with the report – we offer ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure that plans and strategies remain aligned with their environmental goals. 

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