ISO 14001 & EMAS

The benefits of being ISO14001:2015 or EMAS certified go beyond environmental compliance. Consumers are more environmentally conscious than at any previous time in history. Most organizations are continually seeking out ways to reduce expenses and improve the bottom line, while avoiding non-conformances and reducing or preventing costly environmental incidents. 

Being an ISO14001 certified company since 2009, Adi Associates understands the requirements for ISO and EMAS certification. Our team of qualified auditors assists firms in establishing robust and effective Environmental Management Systems and offer guidance towards certification. Our team also provides effective coaching and mentoring for management staff throughout the development, implementation, and certification process, based on knowledge gained through years of experience in ISO certification across many industries. 

For companies that do not wish to go the whole way in achieving ISO / EMAS certification but wish to address their environmental aspects, Adi Associates can assist in developing an environmental management system for specific operations. We also provide audits to assess a company’s environmental credentials and its green claims for products, processes, and services to determine whether the company’s processes, supply chain, and/or product line can be promoted as truly environmentally sustainable. 

Our experience in ISO14001 and EMAS as well as tourism Eco-Certification Schemes provides us with the necessary tools to audit practices that help enterprises conserve energy and natural resources; reduce or eliminate waste; reuse, recycle, or repurpose materials; and design, implement and use information systems sustainably. 


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