Land Contamination & Waste

Land contamination is a potential risk to human health and the environment, including drinking water resources. Contaminated land and the high cost of remediation can also pose a significant barrier to investment, development, and regeneration. 

Our team of contaminated land experts include environmental engineers, geo-chemists, and geologists, who work closely with our planning, geotechnical, and landscape teams to address the various stages of land contamination management, from initial due diligence and desk study to ground investigation and monitoring. Our comprehensive service offers landowners faced with land contamination issues sufficient information to decide how to remediate the land in the most cost-effective manner. Our projects have ranged from small development sites to brownfield sites, operational industrial facilities, and landfills. 

The need to reduce the generation of waste and manage it in ways that enhance the value of materials previously thought of as waste, underpins Adi Associates’ approach to waste management. Our comprehensive range of waste management services, from planning and design to monitoring and project management, helps our clients deliver and operate essential waste management facilities, while also complying with legislation and yielding benefits to surrounding communities and the environment. 

We work closely with planners, scientists, and policy experts to deliver a number of services, including detailed Waste Management Plans for large developments, national Waste Management Strategies, environmental assessment, strategic site selection, resource and waste management, waste management permits, auditing for waste and compliance, community engagement, and project management. 


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