Air, Water & Marine

Air quality, surface water, groundwater, and marine resources are central to our resources management services. Industrial emissions and discharges can result in deteriorating conditions in receiving environments. 

Legislation regarding air pollution is expanding and changing rapidly, as we become more aware of the dangers of releasing certain substances into the atmosphere and the health impacts that air pollution can have. Adi Associates undertakes various air quality, odour, and dust assessments each year. These cover a wide range of developments, from small residential schemes to major mixed-use schemes, as well as new roads, industrial installations, and infrastructure. They can be standalone studies using modelling software or as part of environmental impact assessments. We also provide related services such as air dispersion modelling, emissions monitoring, odour analysis, pollutant monitoring, pollutant analysis, and dust management plans. 

Adi Associates also provides water quality monitoring services and geo-hydrological assessments. These services are provided as part of geo-environmental baseline surveys in EIA, or as standalone assessments related to surface water bodies (brackish and freshwater), groundwater sources, and coastal and marine waters. Depending on the analysis required, sampling and analysis of a wide range of parameters can be done in situ or at accredited laboratories. 

Marine studies are also an important service provided by Adi Associates through its biodiversity and resources teams as well as through our wider network of associates. Services include benthic surveys, seawater sampling and testing, coastal projects monitoring, dredging monitoring, marine assessments, hydrodynamic modelling, and aquaculture and fisheries studies. 


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