Assessment of Visitor Experience in N2000 Sites

As part of the INTERREG Italia-Malta VA project CORALLO, Adi Associates was tasked by the Environment & Resources Authority (ERA) to undertake an assessment of the changes in visitor experience, pre- and post- implementation of awareness generation exhibits, innovative tools, and other similar resources at Natura 2000 sites. The surveys were focused on 3 sites, namely: the Ħaġar Qim / Mnajdra Archaeological Park, Għar Dalam Cave and Museum, and White Tower Bay, Mellieħa.

The first survey was conducted in 2022, by means of an on-site questionnaire, completed by the visitors following their visit at each of the sites. The survey targeted visitors aged 18 and over and the aim of the initial survey was to establish the level of enjoyment of the respondents’ experience of visiting the Natura 2000 sites and the information provided on biodiversity at each site.

A second survey of the same sites was conducted in 2023, following implementation of some measures at each of the visitor centres of the three Natura 2000 sites by ERA.  The second survey was similar to the first to allow for a comparison of the results. The results showed that, overall, there was a positive change in the visitors’ enjoyment from their visit to the Natura 2000 site and in the knowledge on the biodiversity of the site that they gained from their visit.

Start / Finish Dates: 2022-2023

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