Ecology & Biodiversity

Ecology and biodiversity consultancy services are essential when projects or operations aim to be environmentally sustainable. The protection of biodiversity, habitats, and species is a central tenet of wildlife conservation in many countries, including Malta. Projects that involve the use or management of land can therefore risk committing wildlife offences or result in unacceptable impacts on natural resources and ecosystems. Professional ecological advice and guidance by properly qualified and experienced ecologists is therefore crucial. 

Likewise, agricultural activity, unless undertaken sustainably and with respect to ecosystem services and natural resource conservation, can result in biodiversity loss. On the other hand, sustainable agriculture provides for food security, enhancement of the rural economy, biodiversity conservation, and protection of rural landscapes. 

Thanks to the extensive experience of our team and our wider network of associates, we can provide a wide range of ecology and agricultural studies. Our ecology and biodiversity services include baseline studies, biodiversity risk management, impact assessments and monitoring plans, habitat assessment, restoration plans, management plans, habitat and species surveys (terrestrial and marine), green spaces, trees and landscaping, stakeholder engagement, and capacity building. 

Our work in the rural environment also includes assessment related to agricultural land, including agricultural field-by-field surveys to establish the seasonal and standing crops, agricultural capability assessments, and determination of the agricultural value of the land, physical quality and productivity assessment, and soil analysis. 

Agriculture & Biodiversity

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