Climate Proofing for Infrastructure Projects

Climate proofing is a process that integrates climate change mitigation and adaptation measures into the development of infrastructure projects.  Adi Associates has been engaged by infrastructure providers to carry out climate assessments in accordance with the European Commission’s Technical guidance on the climate proofing of infrastructure in the period 2021-2027.  Climate Assessments enable European institutional and private investors to make informed decisions on projects that qualify as compatible with the Paris Agreement.  The process is divided into two pillars (mitigation and adaptation) and two phases (screening and detailed analysis).  Our climate resilience or adaptation work analyses the vulnerability of a project to climate change and identifies the right adaptation measures to take.  This includes a sensitivity analysis, an assessment of current and future exposure, and then a combination of the two for the vulnerability assessment.  The aim of the vulnerability analysis is to identify the relevant climate hazards for the given specific project type at the planned location.

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