Green Key re-launched for the Maltese Islands

In a launch event held on 12th March 2024, which was well attended by the tourism accommodation sector in Malta and Gozo, Nature Trust – FEE Malta announced that it has been appointed as the Green Key National Operator for Malta and is now accepting applications for certification of hotels to Green Key.  This follows the Malta Tourism Authority’s recent endorsement of Green Key as one of the schemes that will replace the former Eco-certification scheme for hotels that had been run by the MTA in Malta since 2005.

Commenting on the recent collaboration with Green Key, Nature Trust – FEE Malta president Vincent Attard says “we are delighted once again to represent Green Key in Malta. As FEE representatives locally for over 15 years, we felt it was only natural for us to take on this additional eco-label to further strengthen environmental performance and education in the Maltese Islands. We feel that Green Key is a truly holistic label as it does not just promote environmental improvements but also addresses social and cultural aspects too.  Another important aspect for us is the environmental education side of the label”.

During the launch event it was also announced that Adi Associates Environmental Consultants Ltd were the recognised Green Key auditors for Malta.  Drawing on our experience in auditing hotels under the MTA’s Eco-certification Scheme for over 15 years, during the launch we explained in detail the Green Key criteria. Hotels were offered the opportunity to share their experiences and challenges in obtaining the label.  A representative from FEE Portugal and a leading Green Key certified hotel in Portugal also contributed to the discussion by sharing their experiences.

More information can be obtained from the Malta Green Key website: or by contacting Nature Trust Malta- FEE:


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