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Green Travel Plans

In a world where environmental consciousness is paramount, Adi Associates is at the forefront of developing innovative Green Travel Plans (GTP), forging a sustainable path towards eco-friendly commuting and transportation for our clients.
Our Green Travel Plans focus on promoting sustainable travel options and reducing the environmental impact of transportation.
We assist companies to explore


Design Review

At Adi Associates, we understand that safety, functionality, and compliance are paramount when it comes to environmental and infrastructure projects. Our comprehensive design review service is aimed at optimising project design, development, and implementation by ensuring adequate visibility and safe manoeuvrability for vehicles and pedestrians alike.
A key service we provide urban planners, architects, and

Road safety audits

Road Safety Audits

Our transport experts are committed to making our roads safer for everyone. Our Road Safety services stand as a testament to our dedication to fostering a secure environment for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists alike.
Our team of experienced professionals brings a wealth of expertise to the table, addressing every facet of road safety. We understand


Transport Studies

Adi Associates’ in-house team of transport planners is equipped to carry out a range of transport studies including, Transport Impact Assessment (TIA), Transport Scoping Studies (TSS), and computation of Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) and peak hour traffic. We use state of the art data collection technology and digitization including use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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