Environmental Studies

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Environmental Studies

Air, Water & Marine

Air quality, surface water, groundwater, and marine resources are central to our resources management services. Industrial emissions and discharges can result in deteriorating conditions in receiving environments.
Legislation regarding air pollution is expanding and changing rapidly, as we become more aware of the dangers of releasing certain substances into the atmosphere and the health impacts

Environmental Studies

Noise & Vibration

In a society where noise from various sources is becoming a concern for citizens, mitigating the effects of noise and vibration on the environment and people has become increasingly important. Consideration of existing conditions must be given when introducing a new source of noise or vibration into an area or when locating a noise sensitive

Environmental Studies

Land Contamination & Waste

Land contamination is a potential risk to human health and the environment, including drinking water resources. Contaminated land and the high cost of remediation can also pose a significant barrier to investment, development, and regeneration.
Our team of contaminated land experts include environmental engineers, geo-chemists, and geologists, who work closely with our planning, geotechnical, and

Agriculture & Biodiversity
Environmental Studies

Agriculture & Biodiversity

Ecology and biodiversity consultancy services are essential when projects or operations aim to be environmentally sustainable. The protection of biodiversity, habitats, and species is a central tenet of wildlife conservation in many countries, including Malta. Projects that involve the use or management of land can therefore risk committing wildlife offences or result in unacceptable impacts

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