Environmental Assessment

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Environmental Assessment

Climate Assessment

Climate change impact assessments identify and quantify the expected impacts of climate change. These assessments involve an analysis of past climate trends and future climate projections for a particular area or project, conducting a stakeholder-led climate risk assessment and including prioritization of risks and opportunities as well as drafting mitigation and adaptation plans.  Adi Associates’

Environmental Assessment

Appropriate Assessment

Our team of ecologists is highly experienced in conducting assessments required under the Habitats Directive, also known as Appropriate Assessments. Under this procedure, plans and projects are assessed for likely significant effects on Natura 2000 sites and their conservation objectives through a staged process. The Natura 2000 Network is a network of important ecological sites

Environmental Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)​

EIA is a process that evaluates potential environmental effects of a project, aiming to identify, assess, and mitigate adverse impacts during implementation. Adi Associates’ multi-disciplinary team carries out the full range of EIA studies and assessments ranging from ecological to cultural, social, and visual impacts. This provides decision-makers with valuable, actionable information that in turn

Environmental Assessment

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Our comprehensive Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) services are designed to guide plans, policies, and programmes towards an understanding of their potential impacts on the environment as required by national and international regulations. We have several years’ experience in working on SEAs for a range of clients including regulators and funding agencies.  At Adi Associates we

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