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Environmental Assessment

Evaluation of potential environmental impacts of projects, plans, or activities. It identifies, mitigates, and enhances sustainable outcomes, ensuring responsible decision-making aiming for a harmonious coexistence of development and nature.

Planning & Urban Studies

Planning & Urban Studies seek to explore the social, economic, and environmental aspects of urban development; striving to understand and improve the quality of life, sustainability, and resilience of urban areas and communities.

Transport & Active Mobility

Transport planning services assess and mitigate the potential transport impacts of projects. Covering traffic analysis, road safety, emissions, and green travel plans they also help promote sustainable mobility and active travel. 

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies explore the intricate connections between nature and human society. By delving into ecosystems, sustainability, climate change, and more, they foster a holistic understanding of environmental challenges and solutions.


ESG services help organisations manage their environmental, social, and governance impacts and performance. Covering topics such as sustainable reporting, risk assessment, strategy development, stakeholder engagement and compliance, ESG services help organisations improve their reputation, resilience and value creation.

Audits & Permitting

Audits & permitting services ensure regulatory compliance for clients. From ISO to EMAS and LEED to BREEAM we help clients adhere to standards and navigate legal processes for permits and licenses.

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