Revolutionizing Commutes: Adi Associates and En-Sure’s Remarkable Success with the 2023 Green Travel Plan

From the start of 2023, Adi Associates and its sister company En-Sure launched an ambitious Green Travel Plan for their employees to commute to work in a greener way. Since the promotion of sustainable and efficient transport systems is a core element of our work and with 20 years’ experience of inputting on national transport strategies and promoting modal shift, active mobility, and initiatives to improve the street environment we felt it was time to practice what we preach. 

A survey of travel habits in January revealed that 92% of staff used a single-occupant car as the main mode of travel to/from the office 5 days a week. Our GTP therefore aims to substantially reduce the use of single-occupant car by setting targets for working from home, walking / cycling to work and carpooling. Devising the GTP measures was a collaborative process with staff and implementation of the GTP continues to be an example of effective teamwork. 

In the first year of implementing the GTP we achieved and exceeded all targets from month 1. We have achieved a significant positive shift in the travel behaviour – none of our staff has travelled to/from the office by single-occupant private car 5 days a week since January 2023. We have established a successful hybrid working scheme, with 85% of staff working from home at least 2 days a week. We have also affected a significant modal shift when travelling to/from the office, with 54% of staff walking, cycling and/or using a micro-scooter. The target of holding 75% of meetings online was exceeded in most weeks since January. 

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