Facility for the Care of the Elderly and Nursing Home, Naxxar

Adi Associates was commissioned to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the construction of a 234-bed facility for the care of the elderly and nursing home on the edge of Naxxar. The project involved the redevelopment of a derelict farmhouse and the removal of mature trees.

The Environmental Planning Statement (EPS) identified significant negative environmental impacts on landscape character and visual amenity, from the redevelopment of the single-storey farmhouse, largely screened by mature trees, and its replacement with a larger footprint, three-storey modern building with new planting. The impact of construction noise on the nearest residential properties was identified as being potentially significant, during all stages of the construction works. Significant negative environmental impacts were also identified on geological resources, from the excavation required to accommodate the development.

The EPS identified a number of mitigation measures to address the identified significant negative environmental impacts, and a number of these were taken account of by the applicant. In particular, the EIA process prompted a minor redesign of the development so as to reduce its overall height and the massing at the uppermost level.

A Transport Impact Assessment (TIA) and Green Travel Plan (GTP) were also carried out for this development. The TIA was based on Terms of Reference issued by the Planning Authority that identified the need to study and assess two nearby key junctions. Manual and automatic traffic surveys were undertaken to establish the baseline traffic flows. The plans were reviewed to for manoeuvrability and safety. This led to design improvements of the drop off-lane, the car park access, the internal ramps, and of the access road to the car park.

The PICADY and ARCADY traffic models were used to assess the key junctions. The results showed that the key junctions operate satisfactorily, with and without the development. However, safety improvements are required.

The parking provision was considered to be adequate, even though this was below the PA requirements. This conclusion was based on surveys of other homes for the elderly.

A Green Travel Plan (GTP) was prepared and included a number of measures that aim to shift the mode of travel of staff and visitors away from single occupancy passenger cars. As a result of the GTP and TIA, a number of features were introduced to encourage a modal shift away from the passenger car. These included the provision of cycle racks, motorcycle parking spaces, and changing facilities (including showers).

Client: Katari Holdings Ltd

Start / Finish Dates:  April 2016 – January 2017

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