New Insights into Malta’s Urban Growth: A Comprehensive Study by Adi Associates

As urban planners, understanding the dynamics of urban growth is crucial for effective land management and sustainable development. In his recent doctoral research, Andrea Pace, a planning consultant at Adi Associates, published in the prominent journal Sustainability. In collaboration with Prof. Maria Attard, Dr. Michel Camilleri, and Prof. Gianluca Valentino, he investigated the urban growth patterns of the island-state of Malta. Their research sheds light on the intricate relationship between economic cycles, planning policies, and land use.

The study aimed to analyse urban growth patterns in Malta between 1993 and 2019, using data extracted from development-planning applications. The methodology developed for the research involved web-scraping techniques to extract data from public online databases, text-mining methods to determine urban growth from the development-planning application descriptions, and analysis of this data in view of local planning zones and regulations.

For more information about the research, its outcomes, and suggested future studies, kindly follow the link below:


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