Naxxar On The Move: Unleashing a Wave of Positive Change for Sustainable Mobility and Vibrant Community Spaces

Naxxar, Malta – On November 12th, 2023, the town square of Naxxar became the epicentre of positive change as Adi organized the event “Naxxar On The Move”. With the shared goal of promoting sustainable mobility and reducing car dependency, the event brought together diverse groups, including the Naxxar Scouts, Wushuky Combat Club, Naxxar Lions FC, cycling lessons by Freedom is a Bicycle, ROTA, our own exhibition, and traditional street games organized by Loghob Events. 

The Naxxar piazza buzzed with energy and enthusiasm as the community of Naxxar actively participated in various activities and also expressed a keen desire to organize similar events in the future, showcasing a genuine commitment to make streets more enjoyable spaces. 

As we witnessed the enthusiasm of the Naxxar community, it became evident that sustainable mobility is not just a trend; it is a shared aspiration that can strengthen community bonds and create a healthier, more vibrant town. By fostering a sense of unity and commitment to green practices, we can continue to build a future where our streets are not just thoroughfares for cars, but vibrant spaces for community interaction and sustainable living. 

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