Modelling of National Air Emissions

Adi Associates has teamed up with Ramboll to provide consultancy services to the Environment & Resources Authority (ERA) to undertake an assessment, using a micro-scale dispersion model, to quantify the improvement in air quality as a result of the implementation of measures stipulated in the Air Quality Plan that would satisfy the requirements of Annex XV – Part A(8)(c) of the Ambient Air Quality Directive 2008/50/EC.

This ambitious assignment started in 2023 with the formulation of a Work Plan outlining the approach and methodologies to be adopted for a micro-scale ambient air quality dispersion model. The project aims to create different scenarios of emissions by considering factors like weather and traffic patterns. It also involves developing a model to predict how pollution spreads across Malta and nearby areas. By using these emission scenarios, the project will measure how implementing measures from the Air Quality Plan can improve air quality.

Finally, the modelled scenarios will provide sufficient information for ERA to determine how Malta can ensure compliance with the limit values specified in the Ambient Air Quality Directive.

Start / Finish Dates: 2023 – ongoing

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