Floriana On The Green Move: A Successful Event for Environmental Awareness

Floriana, Malta – During the first weekend of June , 2023, Adi Associates in collaboration with the Floriana Local Council organized an awareness raising event focused on sustainable mobility. Our goal was to encourage the community to reduce car usage and promote sustainable alternatives such as bicycles and scooters, to decrease traffic and make the streets safer and more liveable. 

The initiative transformed Floriana’s streets into authentic playgrounds for both adults and children. Cycling lessons, traditional Maltese street games, and artistic activities such as drawing and painting made the event engaging for people of all ages. The festive atmosphere proved that the road can be much more than just a pathway for cars; it can be a shared space for the community. 

It was a wonderful opportunity for us to work with a wide range of institutions and organizations, including the Floriana Local Council, Floriana Primary School, Floriana Senior Citizens Association, Transport Malta, Malta Pickleball, Freedom is a Bicycle, Dawra Madwarna, and many others. This synergistic collaboration made possible an exceptional event that unified the community in the name of environmental sustainability. 

We have shown that the sustainable future we all desire is within reach, or rather, just a pedal or scooter ride away. 

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