EIA & TIA for the Quad

Adi Associates conducted an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Traffic Access Study, and Traffic Impact Statement (TIS) for a high-rise commercial complex near Mrieħel Industrial Estate. The project comprised four towers with 14 to 19 storeys, organized around a central piazza, atop five basement levels. It aimed to provide offices, retail, food outlets, gym, and day care center, with parking in the basement.

The Environmental Planning Statement (EPS) identified negative impacts on landscape and visual amenity, especially on the rural landscape and views from the south. Mitigation measures were proposed. The EPS also highlighted negative impacts on geological resources due to excavation.

The Traffic Access Study assessed current conditions at access junctions and concluded modifications were needed for safety and capacity. The subsequent TIS proposed design options for a new junction, focusing on road safety and making recommendations. Sustainable transport measures were introduced due to potential parking demand exceeding supply.

The TIS emphasized improving public transport access to the Industrial Estate, recommending bus stop locations and potential routes. After obtaining a planning permit in August 2016, Transport Malta requested a Green Transport Plan (GTP) to reduce traffic impact. The GTP outlined outcomes and measures for public transport, walking, cycling, car sharing, and collective transport. The developer committed to an annual financial allocation for plan implementation, requiring oversight and continuous monitoring.

Client: The Quad

Start / Finish Dates:  July 2014 – October 2016

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