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Riviera Martinique
Riviera Martinique
Riviera Martinique
Proposed development

Client: Private owner

Start / Finish Dates:  August 2005 – December 2007

The project is located on the promontory above the Ghajn Tuffieha beach on the western coast of Malta. The Scheme proposes to demolish the existing two-storey derelict building, formerly the Riviera Martinique Hotel, and to construct a two storey building with an overlying receded floor. The new building will accommodate a restaurant, snack bar, and a multipurpose hall. No excavation is envisaged as there will be no underground uses.

Adi Associates prepared the Project Description Statement and the subsequent Environmental Planning Statement (EPS). No significant impact was anticipated on the ecological integrity of the area due to the mitigation measures adopted and the type of species in the vicinity of the site. Noise during demolition and construction can be a nuisance to users of the area however this impact is a short-term one.

The EPS concluded that the visual amenity of the area will improve as a result of the Scheme since the derelict hotel will be replaced and the surrounding debris removed. With respect to impact mitigation, the main measures that will minimise the impact on the surrounding environment are the reduced footprint of the development (compared with the current building) and the construction of a light weight structure.

Keywords: coastal development, Environmental Impact Assessment, Project Description Statement