Adi Associates Environmental Consultants Ltd

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  • Adi Associates has recently finalised Malta’s new diving strategy – Developing A Sustainable Diving Industry in the Maltese Islands: A Strategy for the Future, 2022

Adi Associates offers Clients a wide range of planning and development services to assist the implementation of development proposals.  Our planning services have covered most land uses including new developments, traffic planning, land reclamation, urban renewal and revitalisation, low and high density housing, retail and supermarket impact assessment, and port, recreation, tourist and community development.

We also provide planning support to architects, private individuals, and Local Councils on applications, and support on planning appeals and environmental consultancy services to foreign governments and international agencies.

Our planning services include:

  • Assessment of Alternative Sites / Layouts / Options
  • Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) estimates
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Green Transport Plans (GTP)
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Analysis
  • Noise Planning
  • Parking Studies
  • Pedestrian Surveys
  • Planning Application Support
  • Planning Objections and Appeals
  • Quarry Restoration Plans
  • Retail Impact Assessment
  • Review of Impact Statements
  • Road Safety Audits (RSA)
  • Simplified Traffic Statements (STS)
  • Site Selection Exercises (SSE)
  • Social Assessments
  • Transport Impact Assessments (TIA)
  • Traffic Management Studies and Plans
  • Traffic Modelling
  • Traffic Surveys (automatic and manual)
  • Urban and Rural Land Use Planning
  • Urban Design Studies
  • Vehicle Swept Path Analysis