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  • In 2021 Adi Associates Directors, Adrian Mallia and Rachel Xuereb, co-authored a paper entitled Numerically enhanced conceptual modelling (NECoM) applied to the Malta Mean Sea Level Aquifer that was published in the Hydrogeology Journal.

Client: Parks Malta

Start / Finish Dates:  June 2020 - 2021

Over the past year Adi Associates have been busy implementing part of the LIFE 16 IPE MT 008 Project on the Optimisation of the implementation of the 2nd River Basin Management Plan in the Malta River Basin District. Adi Associates was commissioned by Parks Malta to formulate Master Plans and Technical Guidelines for 16 major water catchments in Malta and Gozo. 12 Master Plans have been prepared, with three plans addressing more than one catchment, where the catchments are adjacent. In addition to the Master Plans Adi Associates produced Technical Guidelines for each catchment that describe in detail and in practice how to carry out the actions formulated in the Master Plans.

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