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Wardija field

Client: Private Client

Start / Finish Dates:  November 2011 - March 2014

Adi Associates was initially contracted to carry out an ecological survey and site evaluation for a client who has a large site in Wardija that includes a field, abandoned agricultural land and areas that have become naturalised. The client was keen to use his site to plant some trees, crops and other plants. Having previously been refused planning permission to develop a tool room on site, he approached Adi Associates asking us to evaluate the site for its ecological value.

Having carried out an ecological survey and evaluation, Adi Associates advised the client to consider carrying out a restoration plan for the area, which would allow him to be present on his land and carry out (appropriate) interventions, whilst at the same time improving the ecological value of the land. Restoration would include planting and maintaining species that were appropriate to the communities on site to enhance the structure and function of existing habitats as well as expand their area. The client was urged to consider carrying out an activity on site, such as bee-keeping, that would be in line with this restoration project.

The client was keen to be actively involved in the ecological restoration of his land and also to establish an apiary on site. To this end, Adi Associates drew up a proposed land management plan for the site and a method statement for the restoration of the site, which included reference to the setting up of bee-keeping activities.

Through this project, Adi Associates was able to encourage the land-owner to make choices for the use of his land that were of ecological benefit whilst at the same time allowing him to carry out activities compatible with and contributing to such benefits. The Competent Authority also saw the value in Adi’s proposal and granted the client permission to implement the restoration project.