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Buskett poultry farm
Buskett poultry farm
Buskett poultry farm

Client: Private owner

Start / Finish Dates:  September 2011 – April 2012

The objectives of the development are mainly to sanction existing buildings and seek development permission for the construction of a manure clamp, a cesspit and a reservoir. Certain buildings will be demolished.

The site comprises a number of structures that have been built over the years, mainly in the 1970s with later accretions in the early 1990s. In 2005, an application for the sanctioning of farm buildings was refused by MEPA. MEPA also issued an enforcement notice in 1997.

The Project Description Statement included a vegetation survey to assess the current species on site. The surrounding land uses and scheduled sites (ecological and cultural heritage) were also described, together with the planning context.

Given that most of the buildings have already been built, the Project Description Statement concluded that there are minor impacts associated with the construction of the manure clamp, reservoir, and the cesspit. The removal of some buildings was considered a positive impact.

Keywords: Broiler farm, Project Description Statement