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Children's play area
Restored chapel
Horse stables
Family park car park

Client: Wasteserv Ltd

Start / Finish Dates:  August 2007 – February 2009

In 2006, WasteServ submitted an application for the rehabilitation of the disused dump site lying east of the Sant’ Antnin Waste Treatment Plant, and the development of a Family Park instead. This development was a planning gain condition attached to the permit of the Waste Treatment Plant. The site was previously a quarry, and was used as a dumping ground between 1974 and 1979.

The proposed park covers an area of approximately 75,000m2 and will provide a mix of recreational activities for all the family to enjoy. The main components include:

  • Use of the existing batching plant in the quarry as a car park; 
  • Restoration of the Sant’ Antnin Chapel and the area around it; 
  • A main entrance and visitor centre; 
  • Storm water management interventions; 
  • Valley restoration; and 
  • Recreational facilities including provision of walking/cycling pathways, children and toddler play areas, open air fitness area, and horse stables.

The Environmental Planning Statement covered a number of aspects, including land contamination and risk, geo-environment, ecology, landscape and visual amenity, air quality, noise and social impacts. It concluded that there were a number of positive impacts arising from the Scheme related to geo-environment, ecology, visual amenity, air quality effects, and society. Potential negative effects were also identified on ecology, air quality, noise, and society; none of the negative effects were judged to be of major significance.

A number of measures to reduce the impact of the Scheme were incorporated into the design of the Scheme, through the iterations of the EIA process.

The planning application was approved by MEPA in December 2009. The park was inaugurated in February 2013.

Keywords: landfill, Family Park, Environmental impact Assessment