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Valletta City Gate
Parliament building

Client: The Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation Plc

Start / Finish Dates:  July 2009 – January 2010

The PDS described the Valletta City Gate redevelopment project, which involved the significant transformation of the main entrance to Valletta, including the restoration of City Gate (involving the removal of Pope Pius V Road), relocation of Parliament to Freedom Square, restoration and bringing back into use the opera house site for theatre and dance, and the conversion of the St John Counterguard and St James Counterguard ditches, in part, into landscaped gardens, connecting to the Freedom Square / Republic Street area above.

The project was designed to rationalise the spaces around City Gate, improve movement into the city for pedestrians, and to enhance the historic importance and visual integrity of the main approach to Valletta. A Landscape and Visual Amenity Impact Assessment was undertaken to supplement the PDS.

The Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) considered the potential traffic management arrangements necessary to redistribute traffic following the closure of Pope Pius V Road. Recommendations in the Traffic Impact Statement (TIS) included a preferred Traffic Management Plan (an Origin-Destination model was created to simulate traffic flows). More than twenty options were developed in order to predict the impacts of the removal of Pope Pius V Road on traffic flows on the Valletta Peninsula. An analysis of the impacts of public transport reform and future projections of pedestrian movements was also provided.

On submission of the PDS, the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) directed that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was not required.

Work on the €80 million redevelopment project started in 2011.

Keywords: Project Description Statement, Traffic Impact Assessment, Traffic Survey, Pedestrian Survey, Landscape and Visual Amenity Impact Assessment, Valletta, Valletta City Gate, Parliament, opera house