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Tal-Qares industrial development

Client: Silverline Investments Ltd

Start / Finish Dates:  December 2013 - April 2014

Adi Associates prepared a Project Description Statement for a proposal to construct a complex of 17 warehouses, common administration offices and underground car parking in Tal-Qares, Mosta.

The proposal aimed at providing small and medium businesses with storage space, and is located on unused land within an existing industrial estate, on a site previously approved by MEPA for warehousing through an outline permit. Mitigation measures incorporated into the design included concreting of all warehouse flooring to allow for the appropriate storage of a range of materials, with additional bunding being installed where necessary. The development also included common waste management facilities, as well as underground reservoirs for the collection and reuse of clean rainwater.

MEPA subsequently screened the Project Description Statement and determined that the development was unlikely to have significant environmental effects. Adi Associates therefore prepared an application to request an exemption from preparing an Environmental Impact Assessment, based on a review of the likely significant impacts on the environment. This request was accepted by MEPA, and the project was approved by MEPA in January 2015.