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Broiler farm
Location of farm

Client: Private owner

Start / Finish Dates:  February 2005

At the time of the application the proponent was rearing broilers in two different sites, one in Ghasri and the other in Fontana. Through this application the applicant is seeking to increase the size of the farm at Ghasri, to accommodate the full quota of 16,880 broilers and cease all operations in the other site.

The objectives of the Scheme are the following:

  • Increase the current on site broiler production from 4,342 to 16,880;
  • Cease operations in the existing broiler farm in Fontana and relocate the operation to the proposed Application Site in premises that are far more suitable for this operation;
  • Provide a high quality product (free range chickens) consistent with international standards and consumer expectations;
  • Increase efficiency and decrease running costs, making the operation more competitive, even in view of market liberalisation following EU accession;
  • Improve the environmental management of the operation; and
  • Minimise or eliminate any existing environmental impacts.

The Project Description Statement recommended a number of mitigation measures that included landscaping to reduce the visual impact, reuse of soil and a proper waste management system.

Planning permission was granted in October 2005.

Keywords: Broiler poultry, Project Description Statement