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  • Adi Associates has recently finalised Malta’s new diving strategy – Developing A Sustainable Diving Industry in the Maltese Islands: A Strategy for the Future, 2022
Malta Diving Master Plan
Malta Diving Master Plan
Malta Diving Master Plan
Malta Diving Master Plan

Client: Malta Tourism Authority

Start / Finish Dates:  May 2010 – May 2012

Adi Associates were commissioned by the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) to prepare a Master Plan for a Sustainable Diving Industry for Malta. The objectives of the Master Plan are to provide:

  • An overview of diving in Malta – facilities available, quality of dive sites, infrastructure on the coast, safety measures available for divers;
  • A comparison of the local diving situation with Malta’s chief competing destinations;
  • A gap analysis;
  • Identification of short-, medium-, and long-term issues to ensure the sustainability of the diving sector;
  • Development of a strategy for the diving sector;
  • An assessment of the requirements of other competent authorities;
  • Proposals for upgrading various diving sites; and
  • Introduction of management measures at popular diving sites.

The Master Plan was based on stakeholder involvement both on a formal and informal level. The formal involvement consisted of structured meetings with diving schools whilst the informal involvement consisted of speaking to divers at dive sites and the use of an online survey.

The Master Plan was launched for public consultation in January 2012 and can be downloaded from the MTA website.

Keywords: Diving, Master Plan, Stakeholder involvement