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MCAST students and teachers

Client: Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST)

Start / Finish Dates:  October 2006 – August 2008

The Project Description Statement (PDS) described a master plan proposal intended to provide for the rationalisation of the operations of the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) through the substantial expansion of the main campus site (at Corradino in Paola). MCAST was, at that time, operating from eight different sites across Malta and Gozo. The potential key impacts arising from the project were identified as:

  • dust emissions arising from construction;
  • increased emissions due to increased traffic;
  • noise disturbance, both from construction and operation;
  • removal of protected trees; 
  • vibration impacts on cultural heritage due to the excavation works; and
  • impact from excavation on as yet undiscovered archaeological and cultural heritage features that might be located subsurface within the site.

The formulation of a Green Transport Plan and a Tree Survey, together with an Environmental Management Plan and a Construction Management Plan, were recommended.

A Traffic Scoping Study was undertaken to ascertain the likely traffic generation resulting from the project in 2015, and to determine how best to distribute the traffic on the road network. The Study identified significant impact on the road network and concluded that the adoption of a Green Transport Plan was essential.

The Traffic Impact Assessment was undertaken after the submission of the PDS. Traffic counts were undertaken in relation to six key junctions and four links. RODEL and ARCADY analysis was undertaken for the key junctions. The analysis also concluded that the adoption of a Green Transport Plan was required.

An online survey of MCAST staff and students was conducted in the development of the Green Travel Plan. As well as querying on the origin of journeys and the mode / time of arrival, questions were also asked on the willingness for modal shift. A range of targets for modal shift were considered. The traffic generated by the different scenarios was modelled and the impact on the network assessed. The assessment showed that the measures to achieve the targets of the project, together with various junction modifications were sufficient to accommodate both the growth of network traffic and MCAST traffic. The Green Travel Plan was formulated on this basis.

Construction of the €120 million MCAST Campus commenced in August 2011.

Keywords: Master Plan, Project Description Statement, Malta College of Arts, Science and technology (MCAST), Traffic Scoping Study, Tree Survey