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Client: WasteServ Malta Ltd

Start / Finish Dates:  August 2010 – October 2011

In 2004, WasteServ applied for the development of a controlled landfill and ancillary facilities (PA 04834/04) at Ghallis and full development permission was granted in 2006. In March 2010 WasteServ submitted a Project Description Statement (PDS) that included a number of changes to the original master plan as approved in PA 04834/04 and included the installation of a Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant. The proposed development comprised the following elements as described in the PDS:

  • Extension of Zwejra Cell 1;
  • Extension of Zwejra Cell 3;
  • Closure plan for Ta’ Zwejra;
  • Construction of a service road along the western perimeter of the waste management complex;
  • Sanctioning of the extension of the temporary Ghallis Site office;
  • Extension of the northern bund and the Ghallis engineered landfill;
  • Setting up of a fence;
  • Re-orientation of hazardous waste cell;
  • Introduction of photo voltaics and micro wind turbines;
  • Introduction of a bulky storage refuse area (non-hazardous waste storage);
  • Introduction of an engineered separator between Maghtab and Ghallis;
  • Re-location of wheel wash;
  • Embellishment scheme;
  • Introduction of a bridle path for equestrian activities;
  • The establishment of a pre-landfilling Mechanical Treatment Plant (MTP); and
  • The establishment of a Biological Treatment Plant (AD).

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) addressed potential impacts in relation to the following:

  • impacts on the geo-environment, 
  • impacts on the landscape and visual amenity,
  • impacts on the agriculture through the loss of agricultural land and protected trees,
  • impacts on cultural heritage due to the loss of some features from the Scheme and the threat to other features during the construction phase,
  • noise and vibration effects during both construction and operation (including noise from operational traffic);
  • impacts from emissions to air;
  • social impacts were assessed through a social impacts assessment, which identified and addressed the potential effects of the project, and
  • a risk assessment.

The EIA proposed a set of mitigation measures to reduce the impacts created by the development both during the construction and operational phases.

Keywords:  Environmental Impact Assessment, Mechanical Treatment Plant, Biological Treatment Plant