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Cable car
Ramla il-Ħamra
Cable car route

Client: WasteServ Malta Ltd.

Start / Finish Dates:  December 2007

The Environmental Appraisal addressed the concept of a cable car running between Marsalforn and Ramla il-Hamra via a proposed Family Park at the former Qortin landfill in Xaghra, Gozo. A preliminary desk study suggested eight pylons linking the three stations.
The appraisal described aspects of geology, agriculture, landscape sensitivity, and land use. The report pointed out that during the construction phase impacts will include both short term (noise and vibration impacts associated with pylon foundations) and long term (associated with the construction of the stations) impacts.
The appraisal showed that the route lies in close proximity to an Area of High Landscape Value and areas protected for their ecology. It was noted that the cable car would have an impact on landscape and visual amenity of the area since it would introduce an alien form. However, the number of sensitive receptors of high sensitivity is likely to be limited.

The cable car will attract considerable numbers of people to both Marsalforn and Ramla l-Hamra, and create a concomitant demand for parking. Ramla l-Hamra, is also a pristine location of considerable ecological importance and could be affected by additional beachgoers. Hence, it was concluded that the cable car could result in the environmental capacity of both areas, in particular during the summer, to be exceeded.

Keywords: cable car, Environmental Appraisal, Gozo