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Client: Ineco-Systematica Consortium

Start / Finish Dates:  November 2014 - November 2016

Adi Associates were commissioned by the Ineco-Systematica Consortium to prepare a Strategic Environmental Assessment and an Appropriate Assessment on Malta’s Transport Strategy and the Transport Master Plan. For the SEA a Scoping Report was prepared that underwent public consultation. An Environmental Report was published for public consultation in October 2016 together with the Draft Strategy and Master Plan. The SEA process was an iterative one where the SEA was formulated as the Strategy and Master Plan were being developed. Interestingly the Master Plan was also formulated on detailed forecasting studies that also informed the assessment process. The SEA process contributed to ensuring that the Master Plan contained implementation targets. Adi Associates also contributed towards the formulation of the Strategy and Master Plan by undertaking numerous traffic surveys across the Maltese Islands.

The Appropriate Assessment (AA) on the Strategy and Master Plan was also carried out by Adi Associates. Being the first such Assessment, at Strategy and Plan level, for the Maltese Islands consultation with the Environment & Resources Authority was undertaken. The AA described the terrestrial and marine Special Areas of Conservation that could be affected by the Strategy and Master Plan. Cumulative impacts on protected areas, habitats and, where possible, species were assessed.