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Land contamination study at Ricasoli
Land contamination study at Ricasoli
Land contamination study at Ricasoli

Client: Malta Industrial Parks Ltd (MIP)

Start / Finish Dates:  May 2007 – January 2008

The Land Contamination Study assessed the potential for ground contamination at this former detergent factory; the building had been gutted by fire in January 2007.  On-site and laboratory investigations were carried out to determine the extent of contamination resulting from the fire, and representative samples were taken in order to determine the hazardous nature of the debris.

A Waste Management Plan was prepared following the Land Contamination Study, addressing the site’s decontamination / remediation and clearance.  The Plan addressed the leachability of each component, and recommended protocols for removal and disposal, leading to the remediation of the site.

Keywords: Land Contamination Study, Waste Management Plan, land contamination, post-fire investigation, site remediation, leachability testing