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Hal Far Plan
Hal Far Plan
Hal Far factory

Client: Malta Industrial Parks Ltd (MIP)

Start / Finish Dates:  June 2007 – February 2009

The Land Use Management Plan outlined detailed policies to guide land use decisions in the future development of the Hal Far Industrial Estate. Formulation of the Management Plan involved in-depth analysis of the relevant issues in relation to the industrial estate, including a review of tenants and their needs, a survey of the storage of dangerous goods, and surveys in respect of air quality, accessibility, parking, traffic circulation, cultural heritage, ecology, and the use of the area as a place of recreation by the general public. The Management Plan formulation also considered the effects of operations at the nearby Malta International Airport on the industrial estate.

As well as providing detailed policy guidance, the Management Plan recommended that the preparation of a Landscape Master Plan and a Management Plan for the Industrial Estate and the adjoining Ecological Area.

The Management Plan was formally screened in order to determine whether or not it required Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

Keywords: Land Use Management Plan, screening for Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Hal Far Industrial Estate