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Maghtab fuel station

Client: Abel Energy

Start / Finish Dates:  November 2013 – September 2014

Adi Associates was commissioned to prepare an Environmental Planning Statement (EPS) for a proposed fuel station and ancillary facilities at Maghtab, limits of Naxxar. The proposal involved the redevelopment of a corner site off Triq is-Salina and Trejqet l-Arznu, currently comprising two vacant farmhouses, to provide for a fuel station with ancillary facilities including an autogas filling point, electric car charging station, car wash, retail outlet, car mechanic workshop, stores, and car parking space for 17 vehicles. The site covers an area of 3,593 m2, of which 63 m2 would be taken up for widening of the carriageway on Triq is-Salina so that a ghost island junction could be accommodated.

The Environmental Planning Statement addresses geo-environment, cultural heritage, landscape and visual amenity and air quality. The EPS also contains an assessment of the significance of predicted impacts and, following the proposed mitigation measures, the significance of any residual impacts. The EPS identified impacts in relation to geological resources and landscape and visual amenity. Impacts on landscape and visual amenity are considered to be of significance, in view of the introduction of a petrol station to the predominantly rural setting. Visual impact is also expected in proximity to the site. Impacts on cultural heritage were judged to be minor to not significant, while air quality impacts were judged to be not significant. The EPS also included an environmental risk assessment, which covered the operation of the facility.

The EPS was submitted to MEPA in April 2014 and certified by MEPA in August 2014.