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  • Recently, staff from three leading Maltese environmental consultancy firms – Adi Associates, En-Sure Limited, and Ecoserv – joined forces to pick up litter around the Marfa coast.
M&EMS training
M&EMS training
M&EMS training

Client: Malta Standards Authority (MSA)

Start / Finish Dates:  August 2005 – August 2006

This project was co-ordinated by Adi Associates and Tuning Fork Ltd, and with assistance from the UK’s Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), Millennium Science & Engineering Ltd, Environmental Resources Management Ltd, and the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

The primary objective of the training was to raise awareness of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) – EU Environmental Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), MSA BS 8555 and MSA EN ISO 14001 – and the EU Eco-Label. The training was delivered to the following commercial sectors: food, hotel, construction, chemical, and light engineering, as well as to Local Councils and Government entities. The project included a marketing and advertising campaign to increase general awareness of EMS.

Keywords: Environmental training, Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Environmental Management & Audit Scheme (EMAS), MSA BS 8555, MSA EN ISO, EU Eco-Label, Malta & Environment Management Systems (M&EMS)